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hip and joint dog treats turmeric old dogs grain free natural bag


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We’ve combined turmeric, pepper and chia seeds to craft these ridiculously healthy and woof-approved toasties – we even shaped them into bones to double the appeal, not that they needed it. These treats are particularly great for older dogs because of all their health benefits.  


Woof benefits: 


  • Grain-free.
    • 100% natural ingredients.
    • No artificial additives or preservatives.
    • Natural detox (believed to help prevent cancer!)
    • We add a pinch of pepper which reportedly increases turmeric absorption by 600%
    • Promotes heart & liver health.
    • Aids doggy digestion and can help with upset tummies.
    • Natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory - great for dogs who suffer from stiff, sore or painful joints, or those recovering from injuries or strains.
    • Healthy coat, a good alternative for dogs who are sensitive to fish.


All the above benefits are associated with the ingredients in the treats.


100g bag


Ingredients: Gram, Coconut, Peanut Butter, Turmeric, Chia Seeds & Black Pepper.


Composition per 100g: Protein 15.8, Ash 2.6g, Fat 11.5g, Crude Fibre 3.1g


Please note, due to natural products used colours can vary from batch to batch.