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easter egg hunt dogs peanut butter eco bag gift tag wholesale trade
easter egg hunt dogs  eco bag gift tag trade wholesale

Easter Egg Hunting Kit

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Enjoy some time in the garden with your dog and set them up a fun, stimulating and photo worthy activity!

In this bio-degradable giftbag is a collection of our mini Easter eggs, brightly coloured and super tasty - perfect for hiding round the garden, or house for their very own egg hunt!


These make the perfect gift to any dog, but especially to one with a sensitive tummy, allergies or an eco conscious owner! 


As always, our treats are all natural, grain free and handmade!


Want to add abit more fun to the hunt? Add a jar of our handmade peanut butter below so you can stick the eggs abit higher, encouraging stretching and flexing of those muscles! 


Ingredients: Buckwheat, coconut, peanut butter, beetroot, turmeric, chia, pepper, beetroot, spirulina, carob & vegetable glycerin - the sprinkles are sugar free!