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rabbit forage box timothy hay natural
rabbit forage box timothy hay natural gift wholesale trade

Tasty Taster Forage Selection Box

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Now we have just launched our new small animal treats and this seems like the perfect way for your small animals to try our range in a fun forage box!


In the box there is timothy hay, coriander stalks, wild grasses, herbs & flowers, also buried in the box will be a small selection of our handmade treats, including the pineapple pops, spicy strawberry kisses and herby bites!


Treat Ingredients: herbs and grasses, oat groat, coriander, mint, strawberry, raisins, beetroot, fenugreek, pineapple, flax seeds.


This is a small box of around 20 x 13cm, the box is also recyclable.


Please remove the forage mix from the box before feeding.