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Pure Scottish Salmon Oil 500ml (20% off at checkout)

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Our finest Scottish Salmon Oil is suitable for cats & dogs!

Its 100% pure and has many many health benefits naturally without the fishy smell!

Packed full of omega oils & essential fatty acids, can be used daily to help with a wealth of benefits.

Woof & Meow benefits - 

  •  Can help to prevent and heal itchy and irritable skin
  •  Reduces excessive shedding
  •  Boosts immune system and can aid allergy reactions
  •  Promotes a healthy & shiny coat 
  • Can help with stiff joints and aid mobility
  • Can help with heart & kidney disease


As with all Fish Oil supplements please do not give the animal or pet you are feeding more than recommended unless advised to do so by a Vet.

Feeding guide

Introduce slowly, once per day approx 1ml per 2kg of body weight

Store between 5° and 25°C out of direct sunlight in original container. Protect from freezing. Shake before use.


Our bottles are made of high quality glass and sturdy recyclable plastic pumps, they can be used many many times before recycling.